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Strathclyde Students’ Union Solidarity to Striking Staff

Official Statement from Strath Union Student Exec

Strathclyde Students’ Union Solidarity to Striking Staff

Staff Strike UCU

Between Monday 25th of November and Thursday the 4th of December, staff across the University of Strathclyde who are members of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) will be taking strike action over universities’ failure to make improvements on pay, equality, casualisation, workloads as well as changes to staff pensions.

Strathclyde Students’ Union stands in full solidarity with our lecturers, academics and professional staff who have been forced to take this difficult but necessary step.

Universities are currently mistreating their workforce. Research from the UCU has shown that across the university sector, more than half of academics are employed on precarious contracts, pay has fallen by 17% in the last 10 years and there is still an astonishing 15.9% gender pay gap.

As students, some of us may go on to work in universities and become the lecturers of tomorrow. This is not a working environment we wish to inherit for ourselves.

Strike action is difficult for those taking part as it means forfeiting wages, potentially leaving families without income. Strike action is also difficult for us students, as it disrupts our already stressful classes and assessments. However, we understand why staff are planning this action and it is incumbent upon us to come together with the staff to challenge universities to become better employers that value and respect their workforce.

As your student union, we will always ensure our student voice is well represented. We will represent you to minimise any negative repercussions to our assessments & exams. We will be lobbying the university to try and ensure that we are not examined on topics which are not covered due to classes being cancelled. Additionally, we will be asking the University to change assessment deadlines set during the period of industrial action, where striking lecturers may be uncontactable. As your Student Union, we will work hard to keep you updated on the strike, providing information from both the University and the staff trade union.

We hope that universities address the concerns raised by staff, so that we can avoid this strike action and disruption to our learning.

This may be a challenging few weeks, however, we must stand by our lecturers. Their working conditions are our learning conditions.


Your Strathclyde Students’ Union Executive

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