Studying From Home Top Tech Tips

With the current Global Pandemic, a lot of us are now finding themselves working and studying from home for the first time. A lot of students are having to swap their classroom lectures for Zoom classes and try and adapt to the new digital way of studying. We’ve collected your Studying from home top tech tips to get you through your Uni days!

Try Different Apps for Meetings

A lot of people are using Slack for text-based communication but did you know about the many other features? You can use Slack for online meetings such as a video call. In addition to this you can keep your chat open to allow you to take notes during your video meeting as well as a screen share function. This app also works great for study groups when studying at home.

Invest in Good Headphones/Earphones

We all know how distracting background noise can be, especially if you have a house/flat full of other people! A pair of decent headphones or earphones can make all the difference with listening to lectures, taking part in Zoom calls or even listening to podcasts and music whilst studying! RHA, are a local Glasgow company established in 2011 that make products that respect and enhance your experience – things that make you want to interact more with the world, rather than tap, swipe, save for later.

Do Some Digital Housekeeping

Try and follow some simple digital housekeeping skills such as ensuring your software is updated on your machine, install a firewall, restarting your machine at regular intervals, uninstall any unused programs, clear you cache and regularly updating antivirus patches.

Restart Your Computer Before Video Calls

If you’re planning on a day of video calls whether it be through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Webex, then make sure to restart your computer first. Some applications don’t always release resources, which then prevents another solution from functioning. A simple restart can help this!

Keep Note Of All Your Logins – Securely

With all these new apps and sites to use it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of your login details, especially when using different passwords for each. Using web extensions such as Lastpass can help keep all of your logins in one place. Lastpass will save your logins each time you sign into a site and automatically fill them in when you sign back in. It does this securely and only on the device you have Lastpass added on to. You will use a master password to give you access to your last pass account and there is only one chance to recover it if you ever forget it. 

Make Sure To Switch Off After Class

Studying from home can be difficult when it comes to switching off after class. Usually, you would finish up your lecture and go to the gym or catch up with friends or even head for a pint or two at The Yard. Now, you study at home, then move a few feet to your try and relax, but if your computer is there it may be hard to walk away. Set a time to finish up your studying and make plans to watch a film, phone a friend for a catch up, or head outside for some exercise! Try and keep your studying to a schedule and enjoy your free time!