Valentine’s Day from Home

We all know that because of the new restrictions, most of us will be spending Valentine’s Day stuck inside. That however should not ruin Valentine’s Day for you.   You may not be able to treat your partner with a nice meal in a fancy restaurant or have a great date night in an amusement park this year, so let us see what we can do instead.

Plan an Indoor Picnic

Unless you live somewhere sunny with a back garden, February doesn't seem like an ideal month for a picnic. So why not avoid the cold all together and have it indoors?

Photo Credit: Britt Gaiser via Unsplash

Set the Scene

Move your furniture, create some space, bring out your blanket and set up somewhere comfy on the floor. Why not add a few cushions are really take in the home comforts? If you want to set the scene for your Valentines picnic, then add some plants if you want a natural vibe and pop on your favourite playlist.

The Main Food Event!

Now, one of the main parts of a picnic is the food. Why don't you both pick out your favourite sandwiches, salads, cheeses, crackers, fresh fruits and maybe even a sneaky bottle of wine! There are tons of ideas for picnic recipes or you can always check out your local supermarkets finest cuisine!

Personalised Romantic Gestures

You can also go old school and be even more romantic by writing them a valentine’s card telling them how much you love them or how much they mean to you. Technology is great, but sometimes a good old card is always a great option! Of course, you should express your love every day, but you can go a bit extra on Valentine’s Day. It is the day of love after all.

If you and your partner cannot meet or live on different countries, do not let the situation ruin Valentine’s for you. That is why we have all the online platforms. Set up a movie night through zoom, or just call each other and have a great conversation. Why not send your partner a card or a gift but make sure it arrives on the day!

Just have fun

If you are not a fan of valentine’s day, whether you do not like it, find it stupid or you have no one to share it with, improvise. If you live in a student flat, use valentine’s day as an excuse and have a fun night with your flat mates. You can spend it watching any type of movie you want and eating all the junk food you like.

No matter the situation you are in, single or taken, get this opportunity to destress and enjoy a night with your partner or a night with your friends.

Written by Student Writer Panagiota Villioti-Takou