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It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week!  We’re keen to get to know some of the future leaders within the Strathclyde family.

We caught up with the founding president Alannah Palmer from one of our newest, and most engaged societies ‘Women in Banking and Finance'.

Hello! Introduce yourself:

Hi everyone! I am Alannah Palmer, a 5th-year student studying a Masters in International Business & Modern Languages. I have been paving my way into the Financial Services industry since 2018. This summer was my 3rd internship at investment bank Morgan Stanley. I have previously worked within a number of teams including; Business Management, Research, Analytics & Metrics, Tax Risk and TTRO – European Market Infrastructure Regulation. In addition to my role as Founding President of Strathclyde Women in Banking & Finance, I have also held the position of Co-Vice President within the Strathclyde’s Investment society and am an ambassador of GAIN – Girls Are INvestors. Some of my interests include Art studies, the Luxury sector and horse riding.

Sounds awesome! What does Strathclyde Women in Banking & Finance (SWIBF) society do?:

Strathclyde Women in Banking & Finance is a strategic, business-driven society with three main objectives;

1. To integrate, encourage and promote career development for women in banking and finance
2. To educate, inspire and provide club members with networking opportunities
3. To provide club members with the guidance and support they need to maximise their potential

Why did you start Strathclyde Women in Banking & Finance society?:

The University of Strathclyde Women in Banking & Finance society was formed to create awareness of the lack of diversity and address gender equality within the Financial Services industry.

How would you describe ‘entrepreneurship’?:

‘Entrepreneurship’ to me is having the creativity to ask why something is done a certain way and the courage to not accept “I don’t know, this is how things have always been done” as a response. It is the embodiment of business and requires you to be the driving force behind change and confident enough to fully back your own ideas and inspire others.

How would you encourage more people to get into business?:

Anyone can be inspired. I believe early exposure to business and different career paths through a degree, an apprenticeship or work experience is vital.

Do you have a role model?:

No, I am my own role model.

Love that.  Have you interacted with the Union before?:

Yes, I once took part in a free First Aid course offered by the Union.

Finally, do you have any fun facts?:

During Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, our society raised £1085 of online donations through a Prize Draw for our charity partner Breast Cancer Now!

Huge thanks to Alannah for taking the time to chat with us!  We’re excited to see how this society will process down the line.

Interested in knowing more? You can connect with ‘Women in Banking and Finance’ here: