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Constitution, Policies and Agreements

Everything you need to know about our legal and charitable requirements.


The Constitution, made up of the Articles of Association and Schedules, is the governing document of the Students' Association. As such, it rules what can and cannot happen in the Students' Association. As well as this, it gives us our legal status and structures along with all the Committees and the Association's Discipline Code. The Constitution (along with everything else in the Association) is owned by our members – the Students of Strathclyde.


Strath Union policy is set democratically by University of Strathclyde Strathclyde students. A policy may be passed by Student Parliament, a General Meeting, or a referendum of all students. Policies of particular note, such as the Equal Opportunties Policy, have been highlighted below for easier access.


Student Experience Agreements have been established between Strath Union and the University of Strathclyde. They set out joint priorities as we seek to improve student life at Strathclyde. They have been developed by the elected Officers and were approved by Student Parliament.

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