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Get your views represented in Strath Union Student Parliament.

Student Parliament

Get your views represented in Strath Union Student Parliament.

Reforming Student Parliament

Benn Rapson, Strath Union President, presented a plan for reforming Student Parliament and its surrounding democratic structures.

Reform to Student Parliament

If you would like to submit any feedback on this presentation, please either contact Benn directly or email 

What is Student Parliament?

Student Parliament is the main democratic decision-making body of the Union. It is where students quiz the Executive as their elected representatives, and debate policy proposals.

All students can attend this meeting and submit policy to Student Parliament. For a policy to be considered at Student Parliament, you will need 20 signatures from students. You can find guidance on submitting policy below.

Beginners' Guide to Student Parliament.

Guidance on writing policy proposals

The dates and deadlines for Student Parliament  meetings and General Meetings for 2021-22 are below. Please note that these dates are subject to change. Links to event pages will be uploaded shortly. 

  Deadline for Submissions Meeting Date & Time
Student Parliament 1 (Freshers) Monday 13th September Monday 20th September, 14:00
General Meeting 1 Tuesday 12th October Thursday 21st October, 15:00
Student Parliament 2 Thursday 21st October Thursday 28th October, 17:00
Student Parliament 3 Monday 29th November Monday 6th December, 17:00
Student Parliament 4 Thursday 20th January Thursday 27th January, 17:00
General Meeting 2 Tuesday 1st February Thursday 10th February, 14:00
Student Parliament 5 Thursday 17th February Thursday 24th February, 17:00
Student Parliament 6 Monday 4th April Monday 11th April, 17:00

Click here to view current Standing Policy

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch at