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Any student at Strathclyde can help shape the policy of Strath Union. Before you start on your policy, here are a few things to think about:

  1. Does the Union already have policy concerning the topic you want to discuss? You can check through our current policy HERE 
  2. When you are writing a policy proposal, consider what evidence you can use to support your case. This could include links to relevant websites, articles or surveys. 
  3. Have you discussed your policy proposal with any students or staff? You need 20 signatures from students for a policy to be considered at Parliament, so the more people you talk to the better! 
  4. Don't forget to contact your Executive and Non-Executive Officers! They can really help with the detail and also support your policy proposal through our processes. 
  5. Strath Union Staff are here to guide you through the process and support your policy proposal. If you would like to discuss anything about your proposal, you can pop into Level 7 or drop us an email at  

If you would like, you can submit a proposal by filling in the form below. A member of staff will then get in touch with more information, or arrange a meeting with you. 

Please note: if a policy proposal is received after the deadline, it can only be included at the discretion of the Democracy Convenor. 

1) Main Point of Contact*

let us know you is the main point of contact for this motion. Any comments can be sent directly to this person, and they will be noted as the person who will speak on this Policy Proposal at Student Parliament.



Email Address:*

This is the name of the motion, and will appear on the agenda - make sure it relates to the issue and is clear for others to understand

3) Student Parliament Notes: *

This is where you lay out the problem. This section is for FACTS about the issue. Please start each point on a new line so it can be numbered

This section lays out what you feel the Union's POSITION should be on the issue. It can, therefore, contain opinion on the issue, rather than facts. Please take a new line for each point so that they can be numbered

5) Student Parliament Resolves:*

This section sets out the SOLUTION to the issue. You should detail exactly what The Union should be doing about the issue and, if applicable, who should do it. e.g. Strath Union President, The Executive Committee, Non-Executive Officers etc.

6) Signatures:*

You require 20 signatures for a policy proposal to be considered at Parliament. These must be students or Executive Officers - you can also include yourself as one of signatures. 

Optional - Please list any useful links you might have that will help provide further information to representatives when discussing and voting on this motion. Please take a new line for each link