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Each year, students are elected to represent different groups. These include liberation groups, faculties and under-represented students. They are here to campaign on your behalf and make change.

Your Non-Executive Officers for 2021/22 are:

Liberation Reps

Faculty Reps

Atif Sattar

Faculty Rep Business PGT
Atif Sattar




Faculty Rep Business PGR



Arran Lamont

Faculty Rep Business UG

Hemanth Babu Dhulipalla

Faculty Rep Engineering PGT



Faculty Rep Engineering PGR

Charlie Wilson

Faculty Rep Engineering UG

Charlie Wilson
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Louise Nicolson

Faculty Rep HaSS PGT

Jushuai Song

Faculty HaSS PGR


Liam Mosson

Faculty Rep HaSS UG


Faculty Rep Science PGT




Faculty Rep Science PGR



Callum Barclay

Faculty Rep Science UG


Non-Executive Officers

Kyle McGettigan

Democracy Convenor

Abdullah Nadeem

Interfaith Rep

Jiani Chen

International Students' Rep
Jiani Chen



Sean Jamieson

Part-Time Students Rep



Mature Students' Rep



Halls Rep



To find out more about your reps, or how to can run for any of the vacant positions, drop a message to