What are PGR Representatives?


As a PGR representative, you play a crucial role in shaping the PGR student experience at your Department, School/Faculty and University level. As current PhD students, you and the others in your Department are the experts at being able to comment on the research environment, supervision, support and the overall experience that you are receiving, and as the representative, it’s you who puts that comment and opinion forward.

As a PGR Representative your purpose is to:

  • Help create solutions to problems
  • Represent your fellow students’ views and opinions on all matters relating to research, supervision and the facilities in your research environment
  • Provide both positive and negative feedback to relevant staff, for instance, your PGR director, your PGR administrator and your Head of Department.
  • Act as a communication channel between staff members and PhD students.

Being a PGR representative to your Department counts towards developing your personal and professional skills. Accordingly, you can use the activities you conduct as a PGR representative as part of your professional development and count it towards your PG Cert in Researcher Professional Development if applicable.


Below is a list of PGR Faculty Representatives from the Doctoral Researchers Group (DRG). Don’t hesitate contacting them for any queries and/or issues.




Emma Campbell



Faculty of Science

  Johnathan Conn


   Faculty of Science




Hamad Saeed Rashed



Faculty of Science



Jennifer Lynch


Faculty of Science




Wieyu Lian

weiyu.lian.2020@uni.strath.ac.uk Faculty of Engineering  

Anosh Butt

anosh.butt.2018@uni.strath.ac.uk Faculty of Engineering  


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Representation Team!