Why should you log your volunteering hours?

How to log your hours

Watch the video below or download our guide for Recording Your Volunteer Hours for more details.

PS! When you're logging your hours, make sure to click on the role title to show the 'Add hours' and 'Add skills' options.


If you're ready to get started now, head over to the 'Log Your Hours & Skills' section.

Which activities count as volunteering?

You can log your hours for any time you've given to a voluntary activity, where you've held a role of responsibility. This includes activities in the Union and outwith the Union.

Here are some examples for a few different types of volunteers:


  • volunteer tutoring with VTO
  • sorting through donations at Shelter Charity shop
  • bucket collections at Kiltwalk 
  • travel to and from volunteering shift with Music Broth
  • call shift at Nightline

Societies/Sports Committee 

  • Committee Meetings for Semester 1
  • typing minutes
  • responding to emails semester 1
  • society event/training session
  • researching grant request
  • sorting through/maintaining equipment
  • updating social media pages

Class/Faculty Rep

  • gathering feedback from class
  • preparing a survey
  • attending and preparing for SSLCs
  • rep training
  • meeting with student exec

Trustee/Part-time Officer

  • attending meetings
  • reading papers
  • communicating with Student Exec/attending working group

Not a volunteer yet? Get involved!

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer:

  • A chance to contribute to some worthy causes and make a difference
  • Connect with others and make new friends
  • Develop your confidence, leadership and teamwork skills
  • Gain invaluable experiences and boost your CV
  • Have fun!

Have a look at our Volunteering home page, or click on 'Browse Opportunities' in the side menu to find your role! If you don't see anything you're interested in, set up a volunteering profile and opt to receive emails about new opportunities, or get in touch.