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Strath Election 2020 Results!

Elections Results

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Students at the University of Strathclyde have made their voice heard in the Student Elections, electing former Vice-President of Community Kayla-Megan Burns as their Union President.

Over 3000 students voted in a three day period with Kayla-Megan Burns being elected as their Student President.  Kayla-Megan becomes the first female Student President at Strathclyde Student’s Union to be elected in over a decade since 2005/6 President Katy McCloskey, a positive move after last year’s increase in female representation. 

Kayla-Megan became well known across campus for her dynamic campaigning, championing for climate reforms leading to the University pledging to significantly reduce carbon emissions over the next few years. 

She comments on her election: "I have had an absolutely amazing year as VP community so I’m beyond excited to have an amazing year as president!! This is me getting started now... it is on! Thanks to everyone who voted and campaigned."

Alongside Kayla-Megan Burns, Vice-President of Inclusion Rachel Cairns has been elected for a second term after a positive year, with notable campaigns for LGBT rights, the 16 Days of Action Campaign and giving a voice to those who feel they have none through the Reportathon campaign. Rachel comments on her re-election: "I don’t have the words.  I’m really excited to be working with the incoming team as well as Kayla again. I’m speechless and so excited thank you to everyone who voted. 

This year also sees new starts in the positions of Vice-President Welfare in Benn Rapson, Vice-President Education: Chelbi Hillan, Vice-President Sport: Eilidh Sneddon and Vice-President Community: Ru Wallace after the conclusion of successful campaigns.  Ru Wallace comments: "These few weeks were the most intense weeks of my life i want to thank every single person who put up posters or shared posts on social media. Thanks to all the voters and the real hard work starts now."

The Student Executive team will take up their full time positions in June 2020. From there on, they will be focussed on listening to, and representing student views to the University and wider community. 

Manish Joshi, Strath Union CEO, said:
"Congratulations to all the candidates who participated in the largest democratic event on our campus. Running for elected office takes courage and for those who weren’t successful this year I hope you’ll stay engaged with the Union and consider running in the future. To those who won, all the very best - the student body have put their trust in you to represent them in the next academic year. This election is particularly historic in that we’ve elected our first female student union President in over a decade - particularly poignant ahead of International Women’s Day."


Student Executive 2020/21:

Full Time Officers:

•           President – Kayla-Megan Burns
•           Vice President Community – Ru Wallace

•           Vice President Education – Chelbi Hillan

•           Vice President Inclusion – Rachel Cairns

•           Vice President Sport – Eilidh Sneddon

•           Vice President Welfare – Benn Rapson


Non-Executive Officers:

•           Democracy Convenor – Kyle McGettigan

•           Disabled Students' Rep – Aspen Lynch

•           International Students' Rep – Anna McKinley

•           LGBT+ Rep – Vinny Williamson


Faculty Representatives:

•           Faculty Rep Business – Victoria Welsh

•           Faculty Rep Engineering – Marc Schachtsiek 

•           Faculty Rep HaSS – Emily McIlhatton

•           Faculty Rep Science – Andrew Merchant

Full voting breakdown is available here.


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