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An Introduction to StrathActive

Hear from your peers on why they are taking part in StrathActive


Looking to take a break from your studies and relieve some stress?  Want to make new friends with similar interests?  The Strathclyde Sports Union have partnered with Strathclyde Sport and the Strathclyde Students’ Union to provide the StrathActive program to students and staff free of charge.

StrathActive is a University active health program which offers a variety of completely free sports and physical activity opportunities.

What's on offer?

Recreational Sports

?      Netball

?      Cricket

?      Basketball

?      Indoor Football

?      Indoor Tennis

UV Activities

?      Dodgeball

?      Badminton

Social Runs, Walks & Tours of Glasgow

The full timetable of events can be found here

Wellbeing Week

What is Wellbeing Week? It's an annual Sports Union initiative designed to encourage Strath students to take a break and get active with some stress-relieving fun. To read about last year’s activities, click here.


What do students and faculty have to say?

We sat down with students and faculty who wanted to share their takeaways from participating in StrathActive this semester. A University of Strathclyde staff member was asked the following:

Q: What have you enjoyed about participating in the programme this year?

A: The racquet sports sessions are so much fun and can be quite competitive. I play with some of the other technicians and have also played with participants from other departments that I otherwise would not have met. It’s great exercise that also allows me to be sociable. I really look forward to these sessions. 

Q: What benefits do you think you have gained from taking part in our sessions?

A: For that hour I am not thinking of anything else; giving the brain that break coupled with the endorphins released by the physical activity. I have more physical energy and I am more alert, hence more productive after a session.

My job as a teaching lab technician involves being on my feet a lot, some of that standing, which I find tiring. The racquet sports get the blood pumping, the muscles get a good stretch and it is great exercise all around.

Q: Have you experienced any challenges whilst taking part in the programme?

A: If a teaching lab is on that I am involved in, I cannot get to the lunchtime StrathActive session.

Q: Are there any activities/sports you would like to see added to the programme in the future?

A: I like the lunchtime activities already provided: the racquet sports, particularly badminton.


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