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The University of Strathclyde Students' Union (SSU) is a member-led organisation and a registered Scottish Charity. It aims to represent over 22,000 members and has a vision to empower students to shape, enhance and enjoy their Strathclyde experience. 

Volunteers are a valuable resource at SSU and volunteering is an essential part of its activities. SSU is committed to providing opportunities for students to increase and develop skills, build confidence by taking on roles of responsibility and increase employability. 


This Volunteering Policy is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • To ensure volunteers are properly integrated into the organisation 
  • To expect that staff at all levels will work positively with volunteers 
  • To ensure volunteers are given every opportunity to develop through volunteering both personally and professionally 

Recruitment & Selection 

All students at Strathclyde are encouraged to participate and volunteer with SSU and its community projects. Some volunteering positions are elected positions and others may be subject to specific checks eg criminal record disclosures. Potential volunteers will be made aware of recruitment procedures prior to applying for positions. 

Equal Opportunities 

SSU is committed to equal opportunities and all volunteers must abide by the Equal Opportunities Policy. 

Code of Conduct 

Volunteers must adhere to the rules stipulated in the SSU Code of Conduct

Induction and Training 

All volunteers will receive training as appropriate. Details of training sessions available for volunteers can be requested from Student Engagement staff on Level 7 of the Union. 


The health and wellbeing of volunteers is a priority at SSU and it is important that studies and degree work come first and foremost. The hours for volunteering are flexible and should not impact on coursework if managed correctly. Advice and support is available for volunteers through staff and the Advice Hub.


All volunteers are covered by SSU’s insurance policy whilst they are on the premises or engaged in work on behalf of the Union. Volunteers organising events can seek clarification on the policy from Student Engagement staff on Level 7 of the Union. 

Support & Supervision 

All volunteers will have a named main contact and will be provided with regular support to feedback on progress, discuss future developments and raise any issues. Student Engagement staff can be contacted for more details. 

Out of Pocket Expenses 

Students should not be out of pocket for participating in voluntary activities. If costs are to be incurred, prior approval of expenses should be sought from staff who will arrange reimbursement or advance payment. 


Various methods of recognising the participation of volunteers takes place within SSU: 

  • Strathclyde Volunteer Certificates - issued to volunteers who have recorded hours of volunteering, online recording of hours is available at www.strathunion.com/volunteering/profile
  • Formal Volunteer Awards Ceremony – held annually in April where nominated volunteers are rewarded for their efforts and participation. 
  • Volunteers are also encouraged to request references for future employment or volunteering activities

Last Updated : June 2016  

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