Results Announced For Strathclyde Student Elections


Students at University of Strathclyde have made their voice heard in the Student Elections, re-electing Matt Crilly as their Union President.

Over the three day voting period, a total of 4,233 students voted for the 16 candidates standing for the full-time sabbatical positions available within the Union.

During his first year as Union President, Matt’s achievements include the abolition of graduation fees at Strathclyde, securing free emergency accommodation for students and a free taxi scheme for Union staff.

Vice President Education, Eyram Selasie Ahadzie, and Vice President Support, John Ehizogie Agbonrofo, have also been re-elected within their roles; while the current Events Officer for Strathclyde Sports Union, Maddy Watson, has been elected as Vice President Sports.

Second year biomedical science student, Kayla-Megan Burns, will take on the role as Vice President Community and Nothando Thwala, studying an MSc in Electronics Engineering, will act as Vice President Inclusion.

This year’s student elections saw a record increase in female representation, with four out of the six officers being female, and with more women putting themselves forward for nomination; with Vice President Education, Vice President Inclusion and Vice President Sport featuring exclusively female candidates.

The new student exec will take up position in June 2019. From there on, they will be focussed on listening to, and representing student views to the University and wider community.

Manish Joshi, Strath Union CEO, said: “I’m delighted with this year’s turnout, 20% is a significant improvement from last year and highlights the increase in engagement we’re seeing from the student body. It is really encouraging to see students voting in record numbers and we hope to see more students engaging in our representative structures during their time at the University of Strathclyde.”

 “With the results being announced on International Woman’s Day, it’s especially encouraging to see such a high number of women putting themselves forward for nomination. I hope this will continue across all of our student representative structures.

“Strathclyde students have voted for a very strong student executive, and the staff team and myself look forward to working with them in the next academic year, during a pivotal time for the Union as we look ahead to our new Union opening in September 2020.”

Student Executive 2019/20:

Fulll Time Officers:

•           President – Matt Crilly

•           Vice President Community – Kayla-Megan Burns

•           Vice President Education – Eyram Selasie Ahadzie

•           Vice President Inclusion – Nothando Thwala

•           Vice President Sport – Maddy Watson

•           Vice President Welfare – John Ehizogie Agbonrofo


Volunteer Positions:

•           Democracy Convenor – Lewis McDermott

•           BAME Rep – Meryam Shuffaq

•           Disabled Students' Rep – Gillyan Cullen

•           Interfaith Rep – Alfred Amiolemen

•           International Students' Rep – Christine Enowmbi Tambe

•           LGBT+ Rep – Jennifer Blackledge

•           Mature Students' Rep – Paul Eweka

•           Part Time Students' Rep – Brendan Agu

•           Women's Rep – Clodagh Elspeth Halliday


Faculty Represnetatives:

•           Faculty Rep Business – Efe Imiren

•           Faculty Rep Engineering – Emma Johnston

•           Faculty Rep HaSS – Emily McIlhatton

•           Faculty Rep Science – Chelbi Hillan


NUS Scotland Conference Delegate (8 places)

o          Callum Barclay

o          Chloe-Louise Burns

o          Daniel Azubuike Awomukwu

o          Emily McIlhatton

o          Eyram Selasie Ahadzie

o          Jennifer Blackledge

o          Kyle Scott

o          Lewis McDermott


NUS UK Conference Delegate (3 places)

o          Chloe-Louise Burns

o          Matt Crilly

o          Rowanne McGee

A full breakdown of voting can be found here.

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