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COVID-19 Statement from Student Executive


Dear Strathclyde Students, 

We have been in discussions with NUS and members of Scottish Government this morning to discuss the changes to Scottish Government guidance regarding students. If you are self-isolating then please stay within your residences. If you are not self-isolating then you are free to go outside whilst maintaining a safe social distance and following the current guidelines. Students have been asked not to visit pubs, bars and restaurants this weekend so please find other ways to keep yourself occupied such as visiting outdoor spaces.

We recognise that students have been portrayed negatively in recent coverage by the media and that they have been blamed for current outbreaks of coronavirus. We feel this is an unfair portrayal of our student body. Students were expected to return to Scotland to resume their studies under the impression it was safe for them to do so. We are seeking more guidance from the Scottish Government for universities to guide the safe return to campus.

Throughout the summer your Student Executive have been working constructively with the University. We have repeatedly called for an entirely online option for resuming studies, and we will continue to do so, as we believe it is in the interest of our students safety and wellbeing. We recognise that certain courses may not be able to deliver their entire course online but we believe those which can be delivered online should be moved to a fully online semester. 

There has been a significant outbreak within Glasgow and we do not want to further encourage travel to campus in the current circumstances. If you can delay your arrival on campus, and postpone your travel arrangements to a later date, then we would advise you to do so. We appreciate that some students have already made plans to arrive on campus and are fully committed, alongside the University, to ensure you are supported in your arrival. 

When it is safe for students to do so they must be allowed to leave their contract within University residences and return home if they choose. Scottish legislation allows all students to break their tenancy agreement with a notice of 7 or 28 days depending on when they entered the agreement, please visit: 

for more information or contact our Advice Hub directly ( If you are currently self-isolating then you will need to wait until your period of isolation ends to leave your residence. 

There is a lot being asked of all of us and we appreciate the efforts all students are going to in playing their part. This weekend is clearly a crucial time to tackle COVID19 transmission. We stand in solidarity with all students.

NUS Statement:


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