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Strathclyde Halls Rent Freeze

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Rents in Strathclyde Halls will be frozen for the upcoming academic year with a Strathclyde Sport membership included.
Strath Union President, Calvin Hepburn, and VP Support, Keith Burns, have worked in partnership with the University to secure the rent freeze and guarantee membership of the new sports centre to halls residents.
Student halls, on average, cost more than private rented accommodation in Glasgow, and Strathclyde Halls have seen annual increases in rent in previous years. 
There has, however, been investment into some of Strathclyde Halls, with Thomas Campbell and Birkbeck having been recently redeveloped.
Although Liam McCabe, VP Volunteering and Development, has secured funding for the student village for the Thrive Project, there has only been minor investment in Strathclyde Halls this year, and the Strath Union Exec believed that it would be unfair for another rent increase for the upcoming academic year.
Burns was happy to be able help the incoming students: “I’m here for our students, and I’m delighted to be able to do my bit for them. Halls are the only viable option for some students who can’t rent privately as they don’t have a UK-based guarantor, so I’m glad that we have secured this rent freeze for the students coming in next term.”
Hepburn added: “this was an important win for us, we want our halls to be affordable to all new students. I’m also really happy we’ve been able to celebrate the opening of the new sports centre by including memberships in the price of halls, I’m hopeful this can continue to build our reputation as a top university for sport and physical activity.”

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