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Strath Union Won The Trade Union Award 2020

Winners of NUS's Trade Union Award 2020

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 It is the first time ever for the University of Strathclyde Students’ Union Association to win the  NUS Scotland Scottish Trade Union Partnership Award. 

NUS Scotland President Liam McCabe announced the good news last Thursday on 9 April 2020 via live-streaming online due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Liam McCabe emphasised on recognising the achievements of what students associations and Students’ Unions have done throughout the course of this year. 

“This award was created this year to recognise just what is achievable when Students’ Unions and Associations work together in solidarity with Trade Unions that are active in our institutions on our campuses for the common good.” said Liam McCabe during the live-streaming. 



Strath Union’s Student Executive and their Senior management team have worked together in collaboration with the University and College Union at Strathclyde (UCU), notably during the ongoing Four Fights industrial action. The latter refers to the strikes over universities’ failure to make improvement on Fair Pay and pension, reasonable Workload and healthier workplaces, Equality, and Casualisation.




Strathclyde Student Union President and President Elect for NUS Scotland Matt Crilly interviewed some of the strikers on the picket line. 

Strathclyde Students’ Union showed a great solidarity with lecturers, academics, and professional staff who advocate the Four Fights. 

Please check out the following link on here to find out more about The Trade Union Partnership of the Year Award. 

Written by Sara Galy, Content Writer at Strath Union.




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