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The Start of Something New

Get to know a new society!

Here at Strathclyde Students Union we have over 200 Clubs and Socities but there are always room for more!  Perhaps you don't quite associate with one of the clubs already, you can't make the schedule work or quite simply you see a gap so decide it's about time that someone filled it.  That's exactly what Laura Milligan and Charlotte Hill, two third year Primary Education students decided to do for their combined love of all things Musical Theatre!  We caught up with the pair right before their first ever Strathclyde Musical Society board meeting to see how and why this society came about.

"We were both looking for a society to join within Strathclyde, but the only one was Re-act who focus more on 'straight' acting.   We wanted and saw that there was a spot specifically for Musical Theatre."

Both beem with passion about their art, having caught the bug early through performing in their respective communities.  That passion breathes life into the new society with a welcoming yet driven approach to all aspects of the society including their planning.

"Our goal while we are here is to put on a full show by the end of next year, we'd love that.  The amount of support and enthusiasm we've had about the society and how many people have said they are so glad or we always wanted one but never had one has been amazing!"

Although the society is in it's infancy, being only three weeks old, the duo are keen to state that the society isn't just for those who wish to perform.  This society is for those who are interested in the social aspect as well.  

"It's open to everyone because there is also a social element to the society, it's open to people who like musical theatre but maybe aren't as confident in getting up on the stage there will be enough of a social side that they can still enjoy being a part of the society.  They could maybe help out backstage or with fundraising and things like that."

So what of these future plans?  Well... even with the social elements firmly attached it wouldn't be a Musical Theatre society without some performances!  The pair are keen with the first performance scheduled to be a 'formal piano cabaret' in January, with the date being confirmed as we speak.  The second performance (two within five months!) will be toward the end of semester two with a more fully realised showcase by their members, complete with costumes, singing and dancing.  

"The showcase gives all our members a chance to show what they can really do" . "It gives everyone the opportunity to perform, as long as you can sing it, you can sing it." 

Charlotte is keen to reitorate that even though they would love to present a full show, large full scale productions take months of planning and even longer in rehersals so these smaller performances will give their members a chance to flex their performance muscles. "We want people to show what they've got!

There is potential for those with their own creative streak outwith the performance sphere to get involved also:

"Say there is someone who wants to write something, this is a good place to start it out, say they wanted to develop for the future we want them to try it here" 

Laura reinforces this point "we know just from looking at what the other theatre group do, there are a number of students who may want to the opportunity to direct like they might be in clubs outwith the uni so this gives them the chance to do it now."

The Strathclyde Musical Society seems to be not just for those who wish to perform but also very much for those who have an interest in Directing, Stagecraft, Fundraising and everything inbetween.  The society meets every Tuesday on level 10 between 5pm and 7pm, so feel free to drop in!

Alternatively, you can reach out to the pair on Social Media or contact them via email:

Society Page